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Draft Representation begins

The Hon'ble President of India
The Hon'ble Prime Minister of India
The Hon'ble Chief Justice of India
The Hon'ble Chairman, National Human Rights Commission
The Hon'ble Chief Vigilance Commissioner
The Hon'ble Governor of Karnataka
The Hon'ble Chief Minister of Karnataka
The Hon'ble Chief Justice of Karnataka
The Hon'ble Lokayukta, Karnataka
The Hon'ble Chief Information Commissioner, Karnataka
The Chief Secretary, Govt. of Karnataka
The Home Commissioner, Karnataka
The Director General of Police, Govt. of Karnataka
The Principal Secretary, Water Resources Department, Karnataka

Respected Sirs,

Smt. JN Jayashree an RTI activist from Karnataka and her husband, Sri. MN Vijaya Kumar, IAS, of Bangalore, Karnataka, have rightly and daringly exposed corruption & wrong doing at high places in Karnataka State Government. Their life is now at risk from the officials who stand exposed.

The following representations and actions give an idea about what is happening over many years, which are disliked by those who are
against transparency

1. Representation dated july 4, 2007 submitted by the Mahiti Hakku Jagruti Vedike to the Chief Secretary

2. Representation dated 21/5/07 given by Smt. Jayashree J.N to H.E. the Governor of Karnataka

3, Shri M.N. Vijayakumar's effort to bring in transparency by making information available as early as in 1991 by setting up computer Information Booth (reported in a paper presented at ASCI, Hyderabad and his efforts to show files to citizens on the internet at http://bngregcommr.freespaces.com/

4. Based on his report to the Government given in 1997, the Public Affairs Centre , Bangalore prepared a Citizen's Guide for
Monitoring the Quality of Road Works in March, 1999, which he improved by giving leaflets (2005-06) containing all information
to each of the house in the area where any work was taken up shows that methods to curb corrupt practices can be done effectively in a very simple manner.Sri Vijayakumar had put all these details at which has been shutdown by the Government since March 2007.

5. Sri Vijayakumar has given his consent to the Chief Secretary to make available any of the communication he has made directly to the Chief Secretary to any citizen who seeks it under the RTI Act.

6. Sri Vijayakumar is the first IAS officer from Karnataka to have declared assets in the format prescribed by the Hon'ble Lokayukta.

It has been brought to our notice that in a leading Newspaper it was reported on 5/7/07 that serious threats to Sri M.N.Vijayakumar,IAS came up for discussion in the Cabinet Meeting. It was reported that the Chief Minister decided to allow Sri Vijayakumar, to work in a place where he feels safe. Unfortunately the Chief Secretary who is the most affected person because of the reports of Whistle-blower Sri Vijayakumar and serious lapses pointed out by his wife Smt.Jayashree JN using the RTI Act, wants to aggrevate the situation by totally ignoring the threats. This act can not be said to be done in public interest.

I request all the concerned to take serious note of the threat to the lives of Shri MN Vijaya Kumar, IAS, and his wife, Smt. JN Jayashree, and take appropriate action to prevent any untoward action/s against the couple and their children.

Thanking You,
Yours faithfully,

Draft Representation ends

Copies of representations mentioned in the above draft letter and a brief note on what Sri M.N.Vijayakumar did to promote transparency as early as in 1991 itself are given below for information of the RTI groups only .

FOR MORE DETAILS VISIT http://fightcorruption.wikidot.com

Shri P .B.Mahishi I.A.S. July 4, 2007
Chief Secretary to Government of Karnataka
Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore 560 001
Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,
We now understand that Sri M.N.Vijayakumar, IAS, the whistleblower, has been again transferred and this time to Belgaum. We are enclosing an article which appeared on 2-7-2007 in the International Herald Tribune, an International daily news paper which writes about the method adopted by his wife, incidentally the Secretary of our Vedike, to protect her husband’s life from those elements involved in corrupt practices or shielding corrupt practices.. It is unfortunate that most of the information obtained under the RTI Act confirms the fact that there is deliberate discrimination to shield the corrupt by continuously obstructing Sri Vijayakumar from discharging his duties in public interest, particularly at the time, when Sri Vijayakumar, has lodged complaint about corrupt practices against the Chief Secretary and other officers with the Lokayukta. It appears that the latest transfer is done to prevent Sri Vijayakumar from providing timely evidences to the Lokayukta. This is entirely against public interest.

His transfer at this juncture, raises many other doubts in the minds of general public, as to the intention of the Government and that too when his life is in danger for his efforts to bring in transparency in administration to curb corrupt practices. In the interest of protecting the life of Sri Vijayakumar, the Government should not have disturbed him, that too when he has given a proposal to revive Mysore Lamps in public interest. Government should have allowed the proposal to be discussed by experts and then a decision to transfer him should have been taken. Without doing any of these things, transferring him gives raise to the serious doubt that the senior bureaucracy in the State has an apprehension of a much serious corruption being exposed.

It does not require an expert to come to the conclusion that if Sri Vijayakumar, is the most useless officer among IAS officers, the Government should have instituted an enquiry against him and dismissed him from service. Instead of doing this, resorting to frequent transfers whenever he tries to bring in transparency in the system is not fair in the interest of good governance. Any self respecting Kannadiga has to condemn this action of the Government. We request the Government to allow Sri M.N.Vijayakumar to continue his work in public interest without jeopardizing his life or his family members’ lives.

The Vedike has enough materials taken under the RTI Act to establish the fact that Sri Vijayakumar has been frequently harassed for acting in public interest. The Vedike has already released to the media many documents to counter the misleading press statements made by the Chief Secretary and other officers at his behest.

Under these circumstances, the Vedike requests the Government to order the cancellation of the present transfer order and he should be continued in Bangalore. Whatever reason was used to post him as a full-time Managing Director to Mysore Lamps should be used again to continue him to revive Mysore Lamps which indeed is very much in public interest as is evident from his revival proposal put on the web.

Thanking You,
Yours Truly
JSD Pani


J.N.Jayashree, 21 May 2007
#96, ##################, Bangalore 560 019
Ph.No. 26671675 Email : moc.oohay|26eerhsayajnj#moc.oohay|26eerhsayajnj

Respected Your Excellency,

I am Jayashree J.N. wife of Sri M.N.Vijayakumar, IAS. My husband has been harassed for reporting corrupt practices of his senior officers to the Chief Secretary. In spite of frequent transfers my husband made it clear to the Chief Secretary that he would not become corrupt or close his eyes just for getting a posting suitable to his grade. He made it clear to the Chief Secretary that he would not approach any outside authorities for the time being. This he did to know to what extent the DPAR would stoop to protect the corrupt. In view of threat to his life I decided to take up the issues he raised independently using the RTI Act instead of fighting for justice after losing him… In fact a retired Chief Secretary who is now a statutory authority advised (!) me not to take fights which we can not end and he also told me that the persons against whom we are fighting would decimate us. But I made it clear that I would request all like minded people to fight against them and that I know the consequences of what I am doing. I have started a website http://fightcorruption.wikidot.com (please see comments in the Guestbook) Your Excellency gave my husband an opportunity to explain his problems. I have used RTI act to get information from Chief Secretary on various serious issues. But the information obtained is very shocking. I am giving below the only possible conclusions that can be drawn from the information I obtained.

There is well planned demolition of systems to shield the corrupt and punish the honest for the following reasons. The systems which were created to fight corruption after Your Excellency became the Governor have now been made non-functional

A. This is evident from the suppression of fact that nothing exists about a high level committee on anti-corruption. This information was given under the instructions issued by the Chief Secretary and also that no information exists because it is a routine function of the Chief Secretary. I established before the Information Commission that Chief Secretary is lying. The Commission has now directed the PIO to show all connected files to me which the Chief Secretary had earlier stated that no information exists! The non-functioning of this Committee can be shown to be linked to Karnataka getting ranked as the fourth most corrupt State in the country. Unfortunately India itself is ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world implying that Karnataka is one of the most corrupt places in the world!!

B. Govt of India in its letter addressed to all Chief Secretaries by name had clearly directed in its July 2004 letter to set up standing committees to hear problems faced by officers who are harassed for taking principled stands. My husband had repeatedly asked the Chief Secretary to refer his case to such a committee (and constitute the Committee if not already done and also to initiate action against all those who failed to constitute the committee). So far Chief secretary's office, DPAR (Services) and DPAR (training) are tossing my application among themselves without giving me information. Now the Commission has ordered to provide me access to all files. If this Committee had been constituted not only my husband but any other government servant would not have to face harassment for speaking up truth. By not constituting the Committee the Chief Secretary has sent a clear message that he is there to shield the corrupt and harass the honest. The Commission has asked me to provide letters written by my husband in this connection. I will be putting all his letters on the internet so that not only the PIO but any other person can access it.

C. As far as transfer policy is concerned I was given you enough note sheets which establishes the existence of a transfer policy. This as is clear from Sri B.S. Patil notings and also that of Mrs. Theresa Bhattacharya’s noting. If there is no policy as claimed in the reply given to my RTI application then some person must have ordered in writing to scrap the policy which was meant for improving governance

D. finally what is worse is the fact that the Chief Secretary has acted against H.E. the Governor's direction to attack corruption at its roots, to have zero tolerance policy towards corruption, not to shield the corrupt and encourage the honest. Chief Secretary ignoring this is highly deplorable because of the fact that all Government orders are signed in the name of the Governor. But here I have established by obtaining info under RTI that as per Chief Secretary's direction no info exists on this also. Taking action on the joint address of the H.E. the Governor is a statutory function of the Chief Secretary and the Chief Secretary has totally abdicated his responsibility by providing false information

Any fight against corruption can not succeed if it does not address the Systems issues. I am shocked that info sought by me under RTI has brought to light the deliberate dismantling of systems by none other than the Chief Secretary himself. This is more shocking because Chief Secretary has taken oath to protect Constitution and not only he himself should work with absolute integrity but also enable all those working under him to work with absolute integrity

If an opportunity is given by Your Excellency, I would be too interested to explain in person to show the information I received from the Government to establish the above points. I also request Your Excellency to direct the Chief Secretary to make taking action against corruption a priority issue and also to activate Committees meant to tackle corruption immediately. Chief Secretary should also be told to work transparently and not to suppress facts, as these are all against public interest and helps only the corrupt.

With Respects,
Respectfully Yours

His Excellency Sri T.N.Chaturvedi,
Governor of Karnataka,
Raj Bhavan, Bangalore

Extracts regarding a paper submitted by Shri M.N. Vijayakumar to ASCI , Hyderabad in 1993 taken from http://fightcorruption.wikidot.com

B. In a paper presented by Sri.M.N.Vijayakumar, IAS on Open Administration, transparency at ASCI, Hyderabad, in February 1993, this is what he had written when even most developed countries were not talking about the Right to Information at that point of time.

Procedures used in the office should be clear not only to officials working in the office but also to any literate common man.
If any relaxation has been made in following the procedure it should be made known to all and not just a few who deal with the subject in the office.
It should be possible to know the reasons for delay if any.
It should be possible to know any out of turn attending to of files.
It should be possible to give information about any file without causing any damage or tampering of records.
It should be possible to get the above at one place without having to move from office to office or within office from pillar to pillar.
It should be possible to receive grievances or enquiries pertaining to any department and in case a person feels that there is inordinate delay in communicating the same to the concerned department and he should know in turn further developments at one place.
Information of general interest should be available to any common man, any academic, any governmental or non-governmental organization

Most of the ideas given in this article have been put to practice by Shri M.N.Vijayakumar, when he was the Administrator of Dharwad Jilla Parshat in Karnataka in 1991. Even drivers and peons were trained to operate the menu driven information system to assist the public

This is what he actually implemented when he was Regional Commissioner, Bangalore in Feb 2007, and he went one step ahead to
make available files through internet to enable citizens to view the files sitting in their house and this shocked the corrupt who
got him transferred. See http://bngregcommr.freespaces.com/ for more information Based on his report to the Government given in 1997, the Public Affairs Centre , Bangalore prepared a Citizen's Guide for Monitoring the Quality of Road Works in March, 1999, which he improved by giving leaflets (2005-06) containing all information to each of the house in the area where any work is taken up shows
that methods to curb corrupt practices can be done in a very simple manner. Sri Vijayakumar had put all these details at which has been shutdown by the Government since March 2007

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